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Welcome to Kids Village!
Orem’s Magical Private School and Preschool

We feel that education affects the mind, heart, and attitude of a child. In fact, education influences the very person he or she will become. That’s why we’ve created an environment where your child can grow and thrive, one where his or her unique talents are valued and developed, one where curiosity, exploration, and positive reinforcement are the norm. At Kids Village, your child will gain a love for life-long learning and the self-confidence to pursue his or her dreams. Our innovative curriculum centers around the proven Saxon math and language arts programs and is enhanced with specialty courses in Computers and Science, Arts and Crafts, Music and Drama, History and Foreign Languages, and Kitchen and Nutrition. Our students excel with this well-rounded education and are consistently a year ahead of their peers academically. Come visit us and see why Kids Village is raising the standard for what education should be.