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At Kids Village, we know our teachers are who really make Kids Village shine. While we’re proud of our aesthetics and believe whole-heartedly in our award-winning curriculum, none of that would mean anything without incredible Kids Village teachers to bring it all to life!

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week 2017, we wanted to share 5 of the many, many reasons we love our Kids Village Teachers:

Experience & Credentials

Our academic teachers have on average 20 years of experience and a degree in early childhood, elementary, or secondary education. Teachers receive monthly training for professional development, and participate in regular one-on-one meetings with the Educational Director to support curriculum, teaching methods, techniques, and to develop additional strategies for their classrooms. Kids Village also offers compensation to teachers for continuing education.


When parents walk through our doors they often comment on the cheerful atmosphere they feel throughout our Village. We strongly believe that this unique ambiance is largely created by the enthusiasm of our teachers. Our teachers choose every day to come to work with a positive and helpful attitude. We believe this not only create a better work environment for our teaching team, but also better puts them in position to create the best possible learning environment for the students we teach.


Early Childhood Education requires patience and consistency to be effective. It requires “responding instead of reacting,” being consistent and kind about routines and expectations, and giving children time to explore and question. We believe the patience of our teachers is a huge contributor to a positive learning environment for our students and one in which they can feel comfortable safe, welcome, and happy.


We know it means a lot for parents to entrust Kids Village with their child’s education. Early Childhood Education is so important each child’s long-term development—it is a time where children are building an important base for long-term academics and lifelong skills, as well as developing their genuine passion for learning.

We feel blessed to have the opportunity to teach your child, which is why our teachers will always respond to questions or concerns with compassion, knowledge, and understanding. Every teacher is available via email, phone, or in-person meetings and will respond quickly to any parent inquiry.

Willing to Dig in & Get Messy

One of the things that makes the Kids Village environment stand apart from other schools is the hands-on, five senses approach to learning. Most children introduced to a new concept or activity prefer to observe first before diving in—it is important to our learning environment that our teachers model enthusiastic participation in these activities to encourage the students to have the confidence to dive in as well.

At Kids Village, you’ll notice our teachers aren’t afraid to look silly or get messy. In each activity, teachers dig in and get messy alongside the students, modeling the type of excitement and passion they want the child to imitate in their own participation.


What have you noticed about Kids Village teachers that make them stand out? Let us know by commenting below, or, if you’d like, simply leave a message of thanks to help us celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week at Kids Village!


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